Vina Croatia - Vina Mosaica

An entertaining travelogue about oenology consisting of 15 episodes. In each episode, you will find out about several grape varieties, as well as the restaurants in Croatia’s wine regions.

You will see the landscapes and historical sites of the regions we are visiting, as well as the archaeological and historical documents about viticulture and wine production in the region.

The presenter talks to various wine growers and wine producers about these topics. The series is shot in the vineyards and wine cellars of the wineries we have visited. The series will present wines typical for the varieties we introduce (sparkling wines, still wines, dessert wines) and their specific features (e.g. ice wines, Frankovka sparkling wine, etc.) We present the wines to our viewers through conversation with the wine producers in a simple and comprehensive manner (e.g. What is orange wine?).

The presenter discusses the organoleptic characteristics of the wines with a wine critic and recommends dishes that pair with the wines we present in the series.

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