Teran, Refošk

Episodes 1

The similarities and differences between the two varieties and their influence on the wine culture of Istria. Historical...

Pošip, Žlahtina

Episodes 2

Korčula, Pelješac, Krk
Stylistic variations of these two varieties. A modern approach to Pošip. It's potential in international.....

Pošip, Maraština, Gegić

Episodes 3

Korčula, Pelješac, Pag
Variances in style among the three varieties. A modern approach to pošip. Its potential on an international....


Episodes 4

The most widely prevalent variety in Croatia. Modern-day graševina, a wine with great potential...

Graševina, Rizling

Episodes 5

Slavonia, Plešivica
Why do we confuse the two varieties? From classical graševina to a sparkling wine...

Malvazija, Malvasija

Episodes 6

Istria, Konavle
Are these two the same wine or are they different? Malvazija, the most important Istrian variety....

Plavac mali

Episodes 7

Pelješac, Komarna
Wine from Dingač and Postup, the first geographically protected regions (during the 1960s in Yugoslavia)...

Plavac Mali, Babić

Episodes 8

Pelješac, Primošten
The potential of plavac as a forerunner of Croatian red wines in the global market...

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Episodes 9

Istria, Pag, Dalmatia, Slavonia
Bordeaux greats on Croatian soil.

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Episodes 10

Istria, Pag, Dalmatia, Slavonia
Bordeaux greats on Croatian soil.

Traminac, Pinot Gris, Zeleni silvanac

Episodes 11

Slavonia, Međimurje
Seven stories about one variety (7 styles of traminac: dry ice wine)...

Syrah, Pinot crni

Episodes 12

Istria, Benkovac, Plešivica, Slavonia
The rolling hills of Plešivica are the home of pinot gris. The temperament of syrah from Benkovci and Istria.

Chardonnay, Sauvignom

Episodes 13

Istria, Slavonia
The history of these varieties and their results in Croatia. Variances in style among the two varieties.

Frankovka, Zweigert, Pušipel

Episodes 14

Slavonia, Međimurje
Restoring old glory to long-forgotten varieties.

Late harvest wines, quality wines with attributes

Episodes 15

Zagorje, Slavonija, Međimurje, Slavonija
From Zagorje’s “sour wines” to...